Weather Element: Temperature and Precipitation

At the end of today’s lesson, you will be able to:

1. Make calculations for mean monthly temperature, mean annual temperature, annual temperature range and total annual rainfall.

2. Use appropriate graphs and diagrams to represent weather data.

Task #1 : Gathering Data

You will need to find out the mean monthly temperature and the mean monthly rainfall for the city that has been assigned to you group.

Take note of the latitude and altitude of the city as well.

Use this website, to gather your data.

Record all the the data in your worksheet. Make calculations when necessary. Use the formula found on pg. 74 of your textbook.

Cities Assigned to Groups

Group 1: Kisumu, Kenya

Group 2: London, United Kingdom

Group 3: Darjeeling, India

Group 4: Fairbanks, Alaska

Group 5: Vitim, Russia

Group 6: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group 7: Bangkok, Thailand

Task #2: Presenting Data

Using the data gathered, create your own climographs using the graph paper paper provided.

Refer to the sample closely to create your climographs


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