Homework (7 January)

Dear class

Here are the list of things that you have to complete before Friday (10 January)

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Worksheet

2. Online Exercise: ‘What is a Natural Hazard?’

3. Reply to the blog post – What would you like to know about the topic on Tectonic Hazards?

4. Read textbook pg. 5-9.

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5 Responses to Homework (7 January)

  1. zijun_3n4 says:

    ms suhaila is it reply here for the reply to the block post

  2. Elly Zukarnaen_3N4 says:

    What allow the tectonic plates to move?

  3. faruk199 says:

    how does the change of climate cause natural disasters?

  4. Ryan says:

    Is climate hazards some how related to tectonic hazard?

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