What is a Natural Hazard?

A natural hazard is a naturally occurring event that damages human lives and cause damages to property.

It can be classified as tectonic related or climate related.

Your task:

1. Explore this website which shows different natural hazards occurring within the month at different parts of the world.

  • Click on a particular location and it will provide brief details of the type of natural hazard, date and location.
  • Click on the picture and it gives a detailed description of the hazard.

2. Your task is to categorize the hazards appropriately (tectonic or climate related) and justify your decisions.

Download this word document (here) and fill up the table.

Save the file as Name_Class (E.g. Sandy_3N4)

Email your completed work to suhaila.mohdnoor@gmail.com

3. What would you like to find out about natural hazards? Comment in the reply thread below. Don’t forget to leave your names!

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18 Responses to What is a Natural Hazard?

  1. Shawn says:

    Why does the alantic doesnt form any volcanoes but volcanoe form only in the middle part of the map?

  2. azharrudin says:

    I would like to find out where do these natural hazards formed?

  3. prem says:

    doe volcanoes only form on land

  4. Faiz says:

    Is there any other tectonic hazard other than volcano and earthquakes?

  5. ng jian yong says:

    why is there natural hazards?

  6. galvinz says:

    I would like to know how these natural hazards are affecting people in their daily lives.

  7. Monisha says:

    i would like to know why people live near places which occur natural hazards

  8. kenny says:

    I want to know how natural hazard affect the world but i cannot do the work because my power point said is lock i do no know how do

  9. Ahmad Nur Fitri says:

    How many tectonic plates are there?

  10. xianneng says:

    I would like to know. How are the crustal plates form.

  11. azim says:

    how dangerous are the natural hazards

  12. Nur Iffah says:

    How do Natural Hazards impact living things?

  13. wei zhen says:

    How does lava came out of volcano just by melting plates?

  14. Guhan says:

    what happens after a volcanic eruption?

  15. Naziera says:

    what if theres no natural hazards?

  16. Shaffiqa says:

    Is natural hazard important?

  17. Naziera says:

    What if theres no natural hazards

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